Custom Envelopes to Boost Your Business

When e-mail was invented, many predictions surfaced suggesting old-fashioned snail mail would become extinct. In fact, the opposite has taken place: as our e-mail inboxes fill with spam and junk mail, physical letters can be quite appreciated. 

No matter the size of your business, it’s always crucial to represent your brand professionally. Custom envelopes can boost your business by giving your brand visibility to everyone who sees it. With your name and logo displayed well, custom envelopes can provide familiarity to past customers who are especially likely to open it. 

Custom envelopes can be adorned with logos, specific colors, taglines, and more. Here are a few tips for creating a standout envelope to boost your business. 

Shape and Size
To make your custom business envelope stand out above the rest, try to make them a different shape or size than what’s standard. Play with small envelopes or go substantially large while adjusting the shape to achieve notoriety. 

White Space
Balance color with white space to grab attention while still portraying a professional look. Too much color and your mail could look like junk; too little, and it will blend into every other letter in the lot. Use complementary colors and stick to around one or two total. 

Paper Texture
Use high-quality, high-grade paper to achieve a noticeable difference between your mail and others. People are more likely to open thicker paper with sharp fonts, bold colors, and a heavy weight. 

Match the Letter
Ensure your envelope matches the letter within by maintaining a font, design, and color standard. This will make your mail appear much more professional, so your audience will take you more seriously.

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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems:

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